Grow Your Online Presence with Mobile Lead Generation

Learn how to grow your digital brand with business leads generation.

Your target customers likely have one thing in common — they use mobile devices to communicate, shop, and research. Because of this, mobile lead generation techniques such as text marketing can help virtually any brand.

If you’re interested in boosting your online presence with mobile lead generation, keep reading. These techniques should help you get off to a great start:

Build Strong Opt-In Campaigns

All mobile marketing efforts begin with the consumer agreeing to let you contact them with relevant messages about offers, deals, and other messages. If they don’t opt in, nothing else happens. 

To get more subscribers and improve text lead generation, your campaigns should be:

  • Attractive
  • Focused on the value proposition
  • Personalized

Don’t hesitate to use techniques such as a one-time offer to attract new subscribers.

Make Forms and Landing Pages Mobile Friendly

It’s a smart technique to engage with customers via mobile. However, using mobile to generate leads is just one step. It’s important that the entire customer journey is mobile-friendly. Everything from lead capture forms to landing pages should be optimized to offer a fabulous mobile experience.

Avoid using large images, complex scripting, or other slow-loading page elements. For your forms, keep them as short as possible. You want to capture lead generation information without frustrating target customers.

Refine Messaging for Better Text Lead Generation

You can reach your audience with SMS messages, but you have to focus on quality to get them to answer your call to action. Here are some quick tips for creating effective SMS marketing text:

  • Keep messages short
  • Proofread carefully to avoid spam red flags
  • Use short sentences
  • Write a clear call to action
  • Make the benefit of responding obvious

Consider A/B testing different versions of text messages. This testing will allow you to better identify a style and format that gets the best response.

Leverage a Sense of Urgency

Mobile users are more likely to be out and about, searching for products they need, and ready to make a purchase. Take advantage of that readiness by communicating a sense of urgency and focusing on timely messages. 

Text messages are the perfect vehicle for contacting customers about short-term offers, items that are about to go out of stock, and local deals.

Reaching the Modern Consumer

The habits and behaviors of the modern consumer align perfectly with text marketing. By reaching them directly on their devices with messaging that is personalized and relevant, you can achieve a significant marketing ROI.

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