5 Ways Text Marketing Captures Interest and Nurtures Leads

Capture interest and nurture leads with text marketing.

Being connected to your phone is a habit we all have nowadays. Our cellular devices are right at our fingertips, making it easy to reach at any time of the day. That’s why you should use text marketing to your advantage!

Text marketing consists of sending an SMS text to your client’s cellular devices. This medium of SMS advertising can capture their interest and nurture leads you have with them! Don’t know what to text them about? Here’s some ideas on gaining your potential clients’ full attention!

People Open Texts Faster than Emails

Text marketing excels when it comes to contacting customers. By using text features, customers get a notification right away compared to emailing – which individuals may check with far less frequency than their phone.

Individuals almost have their phone on their person, whether receiving calls or texting back to numerous people. Furthermore, most people don’t like seeing an active notification on their phone, which makes them open the text message to remove the alert.

Get Customers to Sign Up

There are a few easy ways to get customers to sign up for SMS texting. For example, you can consider offering a discount on their first-time purchase by signing up for text alerts. This is a reliable way to secure their contact information for text marketing!

Another way to get customers to sign up for SMS texting is to promote this throughout your website. When you mention that future sales and promotions will be sent directly to their phone, customers will have quick access and information without needing to check their email.

Running Promotions via Text

Letting customers know when you are running promotions builds momentum for your website and your brand. Many customers hold out on buying items because they are looking for a good deal, for example. By letting your customers know via text that you are running a promotion, they may hop onto your website and browse items they want to purchase.

For people who opt into texting from your company, you can give them special codes for discounted rates as a thank you for supporting your business! Customers will be satisfied they opted into your SMS system due to these kinds of benefits. It’s a win-win situation when using promotions in texting: you gain customer traction to your website, and they get a discount code to acquire the items or services they’ve been waiting for!

Remind Customers of Restocks

If your customer has been waiting for their favorite product to come back in stock, reminding them with a text message is a sure and easy way for customers to know! In some cases, customers fall in love with a single product or service from your brand, and text alerts are an easy to inform them quickly.

Being the first to know from text message is an incentive to drive customers to your website so they can purchase their well-loved product. This can also be a way to nurture leads! By knowing what product your customer has been waiting for, this level of SMS advertising shows personalization and interest in the customer’s needs.

Great Way to Utilize Customer Service

Customer service is crucial for all companies. After a purchase, you can send a link via text for feedback on their experience using your website. This will help you find out any changes you need to make in order to produce an easy-to-use website.

After your customer receives their purchase, you can also send a text asking if they were satisfied with the purchase. This can be done by sending a link or sending a rating that they they would text back to confirm, whether they were satisfied or not. If they were not satisfied, you could ask for details as to why – this will help your company know any necessary changes to make in shipping, design, and product enhancements.

Text marketing is a great tool to use for a fast and easy way to build interest in your website and nurture existing leads. Everyone has their phone on them these days so use that to your advantage! Jump start sales today with the benefits of SMS advertising provided by Biz Text Marketing.

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